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At Be You Be Great, we're not just an organization – we're a movement that thrives on the power of unity within communities. Our core belief is simple yet profound: when we come together, we can achieve greatness. 

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Our Impact

  • 8.5 Mil + Every Year - Inspired through motivational entertainment.
  • 35,000 + Every Year - Lives of at-risk youth impacted through our programs.
  • 150 + Every Year - CMPD New Recruitment Law Enforcement Officers educated through our "Beyond the Blue Lights" program. (Yearly)

Featured Community Programs

These programs reflect the organization's commitment to fostering unity, empowerment, and positive change within communities. 

Sports & Marketing Exposure

Focuses on providing young individuals with opportunities to participate in various sports activities while also teaching them about marketing and personal branding. Participants engage in sports events, training, and competitions while simultaneously learning how to leverage their skills and experiences for personal growth and potential future opportunities. 

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Family Services

The family services program may offer support to families within the community. This could include counseling, workshops, and resources aimed at strengthening family bonds, improving communication, and providing guidance for overcoming challenges that families might face. 

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Transitional Housing

Transitional housing involves providing temporary housing and support services for individuals or families who are transitioning out of difficult situations, such as homelessness, domestic violence, or other crises. The goal is to help them stabilize their lives and work towards independent living.


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Youth Program

We're excited to offer an engaging and enriching experience for students ages 6-15 during the school break. Our camp is made possible with the generous support of our community partners, who share our commitment to empowering and inspiring the next generation

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Featured Wellness Programs

Team & Individual Sports

Organized sports activities designed to promote teamwork, physical health, and discipline among participants. Both team and individual sports can offer valuable life skills such as cooperation, leadership, and perseverance.

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Dance Therapy

Dance therapy involves using movement and dance as a form of therapeutic expression. It can help individuals manage stress, improve emotional well-being, and enhance self-confidence.

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Color & Art Therapy

Color and art therapy utilize artistic expression to promote emotional healing and self-discovery. Participants can explore their emotions and thoughts through creative processes, which can aid in mental and emotional well-being. 

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Community Partners

We're honored to have renowned organizations as a proud partners of Be You Be Great, collaborating to inspire authenticity and excellence in every step of the journey.


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About Be You Be Great!
At Be You Be Great, we are more than just an organization; we are a movement fueled by the belief in UNITY in the Community. Our mission is to foster positive connections and create a harmonious society through a range of impactful initiatives that empower, inspire, and uplift.
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